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Green Building Practices


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Building Green!

Almost everyone has now heard the phrase “Building Green,” which really means utilizing environmentally friendly ways to design, build, and live in new homes around the globe. Some of these principles are new, some old…some costly, some economical…some of them you may welcome and embrace, while others are “just not you…at this time.” I understand and appreciate that. My goal is to introduce you to the process and let you decide where you wish to focus your time and money. I promise to assist you and guide you, as you explore your options. Let’s begin!

There are really five basic components to consider when we start a new project. For this discussion, I am going to address these items for residential single-family new home construction (versus multi-family or commercial). This will be a BRIEF overview, as we can talk for hours about these topics.


We need to consider driveway issues (access, design, & materials), tree cutting, buffer strips, lot coverage, sloped land, soil erosion and sedimentation control (before, during & after construction), storm water management, buried vs overhead power, building locations, sun exposure, wind protection, landscaping design & materials.

DESIGNS & MATERIALS (Home Plans & Construction Specifications)

Are we using an architect or home designer? Let’s discuss the site plan, sun-wind-shade, sq. ft. & cu. ft. of both finished & unfinished areas, building footprint, roof lines, engineered materials, windows, siding & trim materials, insulation, porch & deck materials, etc. With the hope of using environmentally friendly materials, we can make a positive eco-impact during construction.(Materials such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood, low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) flooring, composites (good & bad), stone & concrete, etc.)

HEALTHY INDOOR AIR QUALITY (HVAC, Air-tight building, etc.)

What is your desired lifestyle pertaining to heat, air conditioning, and ventilation? Do we want to create an airtight enclosure? Air exchange? Climate control? Let’s review our options.

WASTE REDUCTION (Order less, use less, pay less, and be more environmentally friendly.)

Let’s face it, we need to reduce our impact on the environment. I work with our suppliers and our contractors to reduce waste by pre-planning, not over-building, using scraps from one process for other parts of the next one, incorporating “panelized-walls,” and the proper on-site storage of waste. Our goal is less waste and low impact.

RESOURCE & UTILITY CONSUMPTION (Use less water, power, & heating fuels)

Let’s use less material, less water, less fuel, and keep our building costs as low as possible. Use ceiling fans (making the warm & cool air go where we want it to), energy saving appliances & lighting (Energy Star rated), radiant floor heat (to reduce fuel costs) or HVAC systems with high Seer efficiency ratings, high efficiency windows (low air infiltration rates). Less money? Maybe. Less impact? YES!

As a Board member of a County Soil & Water Conservation District and a Planning Board Chairman (overseeing Shoreland Zoning protection), I want you to know my personal and professional commitment to protecting our environment and our resources. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Maine Building & Development’s environmentally friendly building practices. Please call me if I can assist you in any way.

Thank you & good luck!

-Rick Micklon, Manager

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